"Our game really comes alive through their eerie and atmospheric artistry. Could not be happier with our collaboration!" 


Trailer soundtrack 

We create the soundtrack for your trailer. We also offer voice overs and video editing. 

Main theme soundtrack  

In conversation with you we set the right feeling to your upcoming game. 

In game soundtracks

We make soundtrack loops to make your game really come alive. 

Custom SFX bundles

We make custom made sounds that you can put in your game to make it really stand out. 

Voice acting

With voice acting we give your gaming characters a cool voice. This can also be used for music trailers etc. 

Motion graphic

Need a motion graphic with sound effects to make your brand pop? We got you covered. 

Music and Sound Design for Games 

From the deep woods of northern Sweden. With multiplatina credentials and Netflix voice acting on the resumé. We have brought our experience from the music industry into the gaming universe, ready to take your game to the next level.